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Star Trek Captains and Crew Members Framed Stamps Royal Mail Collectible

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Every Star Trek Special Stamp has been individually mounted and framed in this stunning souvenir for every Star Trek fan to display and treasure.

The 12 stamps feature iconic captains and key crew members from across more than 50 years of voyages through the final frontier.

Jame T Kirk (Star Trek TOS)
Jean Luc Picard (The new Generation)
Benjamin Sisco (Deep Space 9)
Kathryn Janeway  (Star Trek Voyager)
Jonathan Archer (Star Trek Enterprise) 
Gabriel Lorca (Star Trek Discovery)

Crew members:
Spock (Star Trek TOS)
Deanna Troi (The new Generation)
Julian Bashir (Deep Space 9)
Malcolm Reed (Star Trek Enterprise) 
Michael Burnham (Star Trek Discovery)
Cristobal Rios (Star trek Picard)

Framed and mounted in a black ash-effect frame above the official Star Trek logo.

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